Brazilian Bitcoin Exchange Sends User $35 million mistakenly in Bug-Induced Error

Brazilian Bitcoin exchange, Bitcambio accidental transferred to Kaique Nunes due to a bug in their system. Nunes was surprised when he realized that he had been sent $35 million. The sudden millionaire Kaique Nunes has a bug to thank after his withdrawal request of 500 reals ($128) erroneously returned a cool 137 million reals ($35.13 million) from Brazilian bitcoin exchange.

However, he was not happy for a long time that the company asked the money back so quickly. The Brazilian walked into his fortune last month when he drafted an order for $128, and the facility responsible for the automatic computation of transactions landed him the nine-figure bug-induced surprise. The company has already cancelled the transaction but, given its unwieldy size, local authorities insisted on getting the customer’s written agreement first.

Brazilian Bitcoin Exchange

According to Nunes’ statement to local publication Portal, “Earlier last month, I issued some normal draft orders. After a while, Bitcambio called to let me know that they had issued all this value and that they needed me to recognize a document in a notary’s office. I thought it was a coup.”

“They said that they had already canceled, but that to complete the process it was necessary to go to the registry office, to recognize the signature and a document that they sent by email,” Nunes was quoted in the article as saying.

To reverse the transaction, Nunes had to go to the registry office and append his signature to a document. The exchange platform had initiated the reversal process, but due to the significant amount involved, he had to sign an approval.

To clarify and confirm if this was indeed an error on the platform’s part, Kaique wrote to Bitcambio vendor Rodrigo Souza. He tracked the vendor down and contacted him through his social media page. The vendor confirmed that it was indeed a mistake on the platform’s part and that the company was looking into ways to compensate Nunes for his active role in rectifying the error.

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