Crypto market is full of Green on the weekend

After a few days of red, now the crypto market seems better in fully green this weekend. The crypto market shows the green domination on Saturday, Bitcoin (BTC) was reported to rises above $3,500. The total market cap is $110,215,326,952, according to Coinmarketcap which is getting higher than last than 24 hours ago.

At present, while writing this, BTC is valued at $3,453 and has seen a 1.03% increase from the previous state. Almost all coins in the top 10 are gaining, except Bitcoin SV (BSV) that experiences a minor loss of 7.74%, and Litecoin (LTC) is losing by almost 1.41% and valued at $25.51.

Ethereum (ETH) is still valued at double-digit of $92.00, however, it does show notable improvement with 6.42%, which is the highest gain in the top 10 than others.

In the top 100,  only 20 coins are seen red in colour, such as GXChain, DEX, Dai, USD Coin, Qtum, ODEM, Bytom, Wanchain, Binance Coin, and others

The biggest loss is experienced by DEX with -26.67% at $0.15, whereas the highest gain is experienced by Gold Bits Coin (GBC) with 40.58% at $0.30.

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