News’s Tokenization Model Receives Most Potential Award at Venture Competition’s tokenization platform won the Most Promising Project Award in the New Venture Competition held Friday at the 8th Annual CMU Summit on U.S. – China Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Jointer Founder and CEO Jude Regev, and Kyle White, Chief Make-It-Happen Officer made the presentation. The competition brings together leading entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to top-tier angel investors and venture capitalists who serve as judges.  The judging panel included Feng Li of FreeS Fund, Lake Dai, of LDV Partners, Christopher Moehle of Coal Hill Ventures, Jim Jen of Alpha Lab, Jay Katarincic of Draper Triangle, and Joel P. Adams of Adams Capital.

The Carnegie Mellon University U.S.-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association (IEA) is a non-profit student organization that provides a two-sided platform connecting American and Chinese scholars and startups with leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and industry leaders.

“Our approach was simple,” White said.  “We framed out pitch by telling the story of how there is a major historical problem in the workspace industry:  tenants only want to rent a desk, and landlords want to rent a large area.  WeWork stepped in and solved this issue by providing the landlord with one check while providing tenants the ability to lease one desk.

“A similar problem has existed in the commercial real estate industry for more than 200 years.  Investors want to diversity because of this, sponsors cannot receive one check and they have to do syndication to raise funds. Our Jointer tokenization model solves that problem.”

Unlike standard tokenization models, Jointer offers an end-to-end public tokenization platform that provides property owners with liquidity for their equity and also helps them instantly unlock their equity at zero cost. To make this concept scalable, an unlimited number of property owners can tokenize their properties at the same time. If reserve funds are available, tokenization takes place instantly.

This design allows an unlimited number of investors can lend unlimited funds by purchasing debt tokens which are backed by cross-collateral generating an interest rate pegged to national commercial real estate market performance.

At the conference, speaker ZhenFund, partner at Yusen Dai, urged attendees to take the harder path if it is the better path.  David Weild, the former Vice Chairman of the NASDAQ and one of

Jointer’s top advisors, believes Jointer is on that better path.  “Jointer’s new tokenization approach presents a better solution that has the potential to disrupt the real estate industry.”

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