Pundi X’s Plan Expected to Boost Crypto Field

Currently, cryptocurrency is very slow and the prices of Bitcoin and altcoins have been reduced. Because of this, the investors have got depressed. But it is hoped that the crypto field will recover soon. At this time by last year, crypto was found to be the best for investment. But this year, the hopes were lost.

The global cryptocurrency adoption might receive a strong boost in the beginning of next year, if Pundi X, a Singapore-headquartered blockchain company, reaches its ambitious goal.

Pundi X

According to the report, Now, despite the market crash, Pundi X is on track to deploy 50,000 of its blockchain-enabled Point-of-Sales devices (XPOS) in Q1 of 2019, as it aims to reach new crypto users and add tens of thousands of new nodes to its new blockchain ecosystem, Function X, Junde Yu, Vice President (VP) of Business Development of the company.

XPOS, which sells for USD 300, comes with features including buying cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, BNB, and NPXS, a native token of Pundi X, and also using cryptocurrency for purchases in store.

Pundi X has already shipped more than 5,500 units this year, the VP said without providing the most recent numbers. Going forward, the company sees the biggest potential for its XPOS in markets with less stable fiat currencies, such as Latin America and Africa, as it looks to speed up the expansion and reach people that are not involved in crypto at the moment.

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