Stablecoins: Why They Aren’t What They Say and A New Generation of Stablecoin

Why You Should Try Out Element Zero’s TestNet Release

Element Zero separates itself from other related stablecoins bringing the future of mass adoption within reach. In the wake of the recent ICO craze, the massive sea of tokens and projects that have been produced in this boom have proven to be either an unoriginal copy of the many other products that were already on the market or have failed because the finished product had no viable application or real-world use that could prove to be successful in the future. In this day and age, it is difficult to find a product that deviates from the typical model and breaks the mold.

However, that is exactly what Element Zero has managed to do with its revolutionary new take on the stablecoin and the many real, practical use cases that their EZO stablecoin can be utilized in. Recently, Element Zero released launched their TestNet on their website, giving enthusiastic users the ability to see how the stablecoin would work in real-life situations.

To understand why the Element Zero network has proven to be so valuable and why you should try out the TestNet for yourself, let’s learn a bit more about the mechanics of the project and what they mean for those who are passionate about the benefits that stablecoins have to offer.

What Is Element Zero?

Element Zero is, as they accurately state on the top of their website, “a not-for-profit algorithmic stablecoin creation platform, based on a new methodology that completely eliminates the possibility for any volatility in the first place”. Put simply, the Element Zero project is both a payment network and creation platform that allows users and developers to reap the benefits of the Element Zero stablecoin model, which differs from other stablecoin models due to its algorithmic makeup that acts as a safeguard against many of the obstacles that plague other cryptocurrency offerings. It’s important to dive deeper into these defensive mechanisms, which brings us to our next section…

Why Element Zero?

Element Zero separates itself from other related stablecoins in a few key ways. Firstly, the many protocols and algorithms that make up the stablecoin and the network help to prevent the asset from being sold or purchased at any price other than that which it is set at, reducing the risk for any volatility to occur and helping the coin to overcome inflation. Secondly, the platform utilizes intelligent smart contract operations that ensure that both parties meet the required terms that were agreed upon before payments can be processed and accepted. Finally, there are several additional features that make this platform more desirable to use such as an escrow protocol,  an arbitration protocol, and a fully decentralized platform that seeks to improve the user experience. Overall, Element Zero is a project that focuses on providing value to its users and is unmatched by any other stablecoin to date. You can learn more about the platform and its processes via the interactive website which goes over the stability protocol in detail.

Why You Should Visit Their TestNet

Besides being revolutionary in terms of changing the face of stablecoins, the Element Zero platform has also proven to be simple to use, as can be seen when you visit their TestNet page. The TestNet walks you through the many different use cases of their platform, showcasing the ability to do anything from buying EZO, selling EZO, wiring EZO for a receipt, wiring EZO for an invoice, or wiring EZO without receiving anything in return. This TestNet will soon showcase the ability to trade EZO via an exchange as well. All one has to do to get started is to open up a MetaMask account and to follow the few short directions listed in the requirements section of the page. If this TestNet could be summed up in a few short words, it would be “ease-of-use”.

In order to move the cryptocurrency industry forward, new projects have to provide clear solutions to battle major issues like volatility and inflation. Fortunately enough, Element Zero has come forward to accomplish that (and more) so that cryptocurrency enthusiasts can enjoy cryptocurrency as it was meant to be experienced. Become a part of the new financial landscape by visiting the Element Zero website and trying out the easy to use TestNet for yourself. The future of digital currency is just a click away.

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